We created Astral Road Media in order to solve a problem

If you�re on our site, you either love to read or you love to write. Probably both. And that thrills us because these two things are our passions, too.

You�re here because you have something to say and share with the world. You�re excited as there are many outlets today to share your work. But you�re frustrated, as well, because it�s confusing to know where and how to begin the platform-making process. We can help you with this.

Platform. A word you�ve probably heard many times already in your quest to get published. (and we use the term �published� in a very broad sense) We promise that you will hear us talk about platforms a lot.

That�s because today�s writers, experts and content creators of every kind, need a platform. Think of it as the kitchen in your home. It�s where everyone gathers when they come to visit you, right? Your platform must reflect you, your interests, and your expertise. It�s your gathering spot. And your audience must be able to find you. We can help here, too.

Start Where You Are

Whether you are in the beginning of your journey to get your content out into the world or you are already out there staking your claim, Astral Road Media is eager to help. Like you, we love reading and learning from people all over the globe. We love even more helping people get their content noticed and read.

If you haven�t already, sign up for our newsletter as we enjoy passing along helpful nuggets of information that will inspire you, entertain you and most importantly guide you as you navigate the vast array of paths that lead to your audience.

Everyone has to start somewhere so if you�ve been secretly yearning to get your words to an audience, we want to hear from you. We have set up an entry level support tier made just for you. It�s the best place to start so you don�t go into overwhelm mode. It�s the foundational grounding you need to get started.

If you have already established a platform but need to understand how to fully leverage your platform, we have put together a useful second tier that will help you get to the next level.

If you are an author with a published book, you know that your platform is critical to selling your book. The house is built, now we need to tell people how to find you. We will help to strengthen your platform and show you how to effectively communicate to your audience using all the tools at our disposal today.

Connect with words and engage with the world

Words have power. They seduce. They inform. They cajole. They make our heart race. Or break it in half. They spark imagination. They keep us up at night. They are a bridge to understanding. We LOVE words.

We would be honored to help you get YOUR words out into the world for people to read, learn from, and pass on to others. Today is the day. Get started. Connect with us. We would love to hear from you.