Rich Fahle: A Background in Books, Media, Entertainment and Public Relations

After meeting his future wife for a first date at the venerated DC bookstoreテつKramerbooks,テつRich eventually managed itテつfor several years, before leaving to join the marketing department at the national cable networkテつC-SPAN.テつHe was Communications Director and Chief Spokesperson for the iconic public affairs network and helped launchテつBook TV. テつAfter a number of years, Richテつleft DC for Michigan to joinテつBorders, the national bookstore company, at their headquarters in Ann Arbor. At Borders, Rich rose to become Vice President of Content and Entertainment, working with every major publisher, music label, and movie studio, as well as hundredsテつof authors, musicians and artistsテ「ソスソスa perfect place to satisfy all of his pop culture cravings. In addition to Astral Road Media, Rich is the executive producer of Book View Now on PBS, a vibrantテつbook and author-focusedテつentertainment hub distributedテつvia the broadテつPBS platform.

Karen CampbellテつFahle: A Career in Writing and Public Service; a Focus on Family

Karen started her career in a DC publishing house, rising through the ranks of the editorial staff before settling down in the sales and marketing department as an Associate Director. A fortuitous New Year’s Eve meeting with a friend resulted in Karen landing a job inテつThe White House,テつwriting for First LadyテつHillary Rodham Clintonテつand then for President Clintonテ「ソスソスs Chief of Staff,テつErskine Bowles. These were the best jobs in the entire world but two babies at home shifted Karenテ「ソスソスs perspective of テ「ソスソスbest job.テ「ソスソス Two more babies came along and before she knew it, Karen was in the business of raising a brood of engaging individuals as well as inquisitive readers. A priority. This job is ongoing.

Rodney Johnson: Video Storyteller, Authors, Musicians &テつBig Brands

R.J. is a 20-year video production professional with unique, specialized expertise in author and content creator production for Borders and other production companies. Heテ「ソスソスs led production teams of all sizes for clients such as a Volkswagen, Chrysler and other major brands and shot hundreds of hours of author and musician interviews, events and productions, including serving as producer for author Mitch Albomテ「ソスソスs streaming video series.

Lani Chisnell:テつWeb Designer, Entrepreneur, Book Person

Lani has been designing for the Web since 1994 andテつhas a tripleテつwhammy combo of aテつB.A. in English, a Masterテ「ソスソスs degree in Information and Library Science, and professional background as an artist and designer. She is a former Interactive Designer Manager for Borders and later went on to found her ownテつinteractive design agency, Boxcar Studios.

Hannah Moore:テつAstral Road Media Intern, Ball of Energy

Hannah is our fearless Astral Road Media intern, providing research and promotion assistance, video review and editing, creative input, and lots of energy.