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Small House_Astral Road
Small is the New Black

We live in a small house. It�s an old village home with three bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms.When we moved in we were a family of four. This house was our starter home. Or so we thought. Turns out, this house is our family�s home. We�re still here, 15 years later, now a family of six.Most people we know live in...

Lunch Bag
One Last Brown Bag Lunch

Today was the last day I wrote �Aidan� on a brown paper lunch bag.My heart skipped a beat as I pulled out the green sharpie.I still look forward to writing his name. It�s one of the reasons I chose it. It flows effortlessly from my fingertips. And I love looking at the final result. Aidan. Such a fine name.But, truth...