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Brown Detective
Social Media and the Curious Case of the Nebulous Return

As a kid, I loved the Encyclopedia Brown mysteries by Donald J. Sobol, those middle grade books featuring LeRoy �Encyclopedia� Brown and his sleuthing sidekick Sally Kimball, solving elementary school mysteries in Idaville, USA.At the end of each story, readers turn the book upside down for the answer to the mystery, which as fellow Encyclopedia Brown fans will remember, was...

Author Susan Orlean: How My Chickens Helped Me Decode Twitter

�I first began understanding Twitter when--this will sound funny--but it was when I first got my chickens.�I love this take on decoding Twitter from author Susan Orlean.In this excerpt from an interview we did with Susan at Book Expo America for her book Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend, she discussed her own discovery of Twitter as an...